3 = authoritative form.
Ex. One of the key recommendations for long term policy was the confirmation of the responsibility of the national bibliographic agency for establishing the authoritative form of name for its country's authors.
* asiento de autoridad = authority record.
* autoridad de nombre = name authority.
* base de datos de autoridades = authority database.
* control de autoridades = authority control.
* Cooperativa para Autoridades de Nombre (NACO) = Name Authority Cooperative (NACO).
* documento de autoridad archivística = archival authority record.
* encabezamiento de autoridad = authority heading.
* entrada de autoridades = authority entry.
* fichero de autoridades = authority file.
* fichero de autoridades de nombres = name authority file.
* información de autoridades = authority data, authority information.
* lista de autoridades = authoritative list, authority list, authority listing.
* módulo de control de autoridades = authority control module.
* registro de autoridad archivística = archival authority record.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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